Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

A quick update on us: It is still really cold in Rexburg but it doesn't seem as bad as last year. Either it really isn't as cold or we are just getting use to it since we have been here forever. Tommy is doing really good in all of his classes and I am still on the search for a new job, which is tuff, hopefully I will find something soon!

Tommy is at a competition this weekend for school and as far as he knows he thinks his group did pretty good. We just found out the my little brother Josh got accepted to school here, so hopefully he will be coming up during the 7 week break and that will be a lot of fun to add one more person to our growing family (TEMPORARILY) located in Rexburg. Its so nice to have some much family up here, we have all been getting together on Sundays for family dinner which has been way fun!
P.S. I posted more pictures on our blog.

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